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Father Still Matters 


Parents have great significance in our lives. However, since decades, psychologists and researchers are only emphasizing to analyze the mother-child relationship but it does not mean the role of a father could be eliminated from the lives of kids. Fathers are very important in each human being’s life and they play a great role in the personality and confidence building of kids as well. Therefore, broken family systems, parent divorces and domestic violence are always affected negatively on children.

The parenting and custody laws vary from state to state in America and other relevant factor are also counted a lot in legal proceeding in custody cases as well. However, fathers should have to pay their responsibilities in appropriate manner and they should not miss the beautiful time to play jogo de carros with their boys.

It is also considered that fathers love their daughters more than they love sons. Similar, in daughter’s lives their fathers matter a lot. Therefore, in tough routine lives during fulfilling their social, economical and moral responsibilities, father should not lose the time to spend with their daughters. Similarly, daughters have a dream to live with their father and family at beautiful places like condos for sale port moodyIt could be the most memorable moment of a little girl’s life when her father give time to her, supports her in playing jogos de meninas, solve Fairy Tail Manga mysteries and listen her innocent arguments.